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The Church of God in Germany (“Gemeinde Gottes”) is a Protestant denomination composed of individuals who have made a conscious decision to follow Jesus Christ, united in around 70 local churches in Germany. The German branch of the Church of God was formed in Stuttgart in 1936; since 2004 it has operated in the legal structure of a corporation under public law (KdöR). Its authoritative foundation is the Bible, the inspired Word of God. Its members are in agreement with the Apostles’ Creed.

As part of the international Church of God based in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA, we belong to the worldwide Pentecostal movement, an evangelical branch of Protestantism. Originating from a revival movement in 1886, the Church of God has experienced major spiritual awakenings and tremendous growth over the years; today, it has churches in over 185 countries. Although we are known under the name “Church of God” internationally, we do not claim to be the only biblical church.

Our Mission and Vision

We, as the Church of God, see our mission in preaching the gospel and calling people to make a decision for Jesus Christ. We teach and encourage followers of Christ to live and act in accordance with the Bible. Our task also includes planting and building up churches following the New Testament example.

Our Core Values

Since the very start, the blessings and growth experienced in our church movement have rested upon our obedience to God’s Word, our trust in the Holy Spirit, our commitment to the Great Commission and our pursuit of holiness. We see ourselves as a church of the Word, a church of the Spirit, a church of mission and a church of sanctification.

How We Operate

We are a family-focused church movement.
We believe in congregations spanning all age groups and diverse international local churches.
We have a sound and balanced doctrine, a clear structure and an international network.


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