At the decision of the National Assembly, the Church of God in Germany may independently operate foundations and charities (i.e., as legally dependent entities) or act as their sponsor (i.e., in the case of legally independent entities). The objectives and operating principles of these organizations must be compatible with the preamble to the constitution of the German Church of God and the overall mission of the church. Each of these organizations is accountable to the National Assembly and prepares an annual report on its activities and finances.

The Church of God in Germany operates the following foundations and charities itself:

MEDUCARE Foundation

The MEDUCARE Foundation was established in 2014. Its current activities primarily focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (e.g., Ethiopia and Zambia) and on conflict areas with acute needs. The foundation’s main emphasis is on providing medicine, education and emergency care – with the goal of sustainably improving the opportunities available to people in disadvantaged regions.


Schurwaldstr. 10
73660 Urbach

FriedensHERRberge Foundation

The FriedensHERRberge Foundation (Stiftung) was established in 2009. It aspires to positively influence the personal development and leisure activities of young people, particularly through its operation of the FriedensHerrberge retreat and recreation center in Ittlingen. FriedensHerrberge can accommodate 65 people in its main house, 20 people in the Löwencafé bunkhouse and up to 200 people on its campsite.


Sägmühlstr. 40
74930 Ittlingen

German Church of God Foundation

In 2002, the German Church of God established a foundation (Gemeinde Gottes Stiftung) whose purpose is to support churches, ministry divisions, projects and institutions of the Church of God in Germany.

Schurwaldstr. 10
73660 Urbach

The following relief organization operates under the aegis of the Church of God in Germany:

Samaritan Ministries

Samaritan Ministries (Hilfswerk SamariterDienst) helps needy people and serves to spread the gospel. The charity has been actively ministering to the poor for over twenty years now, in cooperation with other institutions and church movements. Its most important areas of service include providing humanitarian aid for needy families, children and senior adults, as well as feeding and rehabilitating street children and underprivileged children.

Langäcker 22
73635 Rudersberg