Our Goals

We want to reach people with the good news – the gospel – and call them to make a personal decision for Jesus Christ.

We want to help Christians lead a mature, sound and fulfilled life – one that conforms to biblical principles.

To fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, we want to plant and build new local churches following the example of the Bible.

We collect donations and support missionaries in foreign countries with the goal of bringing the gospel to unreached peoples, promoting and conducting ongoing humanitarian aid projects in a spirit of partnership, and providing assistance in emergencies and natural disasters.

Within our available means, we offer Christian-based support to those seriously seeking counseling, visitations or practical support in cases of special need.

We regularly offer Christian educational opportunities and retreats at both the local and the national church level, with high-quality spiritual input. In the future, we want to invest more in training those with a call to ministry and in providing developmental opportunities for those already serving in pastoral roles.

As the Church of God in Germany, we partner with other Christians, fellowships and churches that profess a personal faith in Jesus Christ and that recognize the Bible’s Old and New Testaments as the Word of God and as the foundation of their preaching, their doctrine and their life.

»We are implementing these goals in our more than 70 churches throughout Germany. They are being supported through the district work, the regional overseers and the different ministry divisions, such as Home Missions, Foreign Missions, Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministries, Women’s Ministries, and Education and Training, as well as through the National Executive Council.«

Vision 2030

In 2019, the National Executive Council extensively discussed the church’s vision for the coming years. Our dream is to see churches develop in a positive direction and grow in a way that is dynamic, Spirit-filled and relevant to society. We want to move forward, together. And we want to work together in planting new churches and building the church as a whole! To this end, we have defined the following specific goals:

Goals for 2025

  • Strengthening the corporate identity, media presence and Pentecostal focus within our church as a whole
  • Facilitating part-time training for pastors
  • Nurturing callings and cultivating leaders
  • Strengthening and supporting churches

Goals for 2030

  • Expanding existing areas of ministry and developing new ones within the church as a whole
  • We want to be a relevant church movement within our society and also reach major cities through churches.

By the year 2025, we want to have achieved the following results together, at the very least:

  • An increase to 85 local churches / 5,500 members
  • 20 new pastors / people in leadership positions
  • Investment in new co-workers in the area of missions

And by the year 2030:

  • An increase to 110 local churches / 7,000 members
  • 60 new pastors / people in leadership positions
  • Two-thirds of the local churches with a good outlook for the future