ILD-1 is a three-year part-time Bible school program. Cohorts meet for class at various locations throughout Germany on one Saturday a month from October to June. Parallel to the formal studies (both in class and through self-study), students must also complete an internship in their own local church.
The three-year ILD-1 foundational program is accredited in connection with the European Theological Seminary and corresponds to ETS’s foundation year program (two semesters). ILD-1 is currently offered at 14 locations in Germany. At four of these locations, the program is conducted in Romanian.

Fall 2020 marked the start of the new three-year ILD-2 advanced program, with a new concept in terms of structure and content. The program is currently offered in two locations: Kiel (northern Germany) and Allmersbach im Tal (southern Germany). The courses have practical relevance and are led by experienced pastors and lecturers. The program’s theoretical component is supplemented by a strong emphasis on practical ministry (internship), both in the local church and at the regional and/or national church level.
The three-year ILD-2 advanced program enables students to earn 60 ECTS (accredited credit hours). Combined with the ILD-1 foundational program (which also comprises 60 ECTS if taken for credit), students will have earned a total of 120 ECTS after completing the advanced program. This corresponds to two years (the first four semesters) of full-time studies at the European Theological Seminary (ETS).
Consequently, it would qualify the student to enter into the third school year at ETS. Admission to the ILD-2 advanced program requires the successful completion of the ILD-1 foundational program (which must have been taken for credit) or a comparable program that is recognized by the European Theological Seminary.